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"Making Dreams Come True"

Why Dream Maker?


When we are going to have an event we dream about it for months, even years; and I help you make that dream come true by designing, planning and organizing all the details to make that moment unique and unrepeatable.


Fenny Torres  - Events & Wedding Planner is a company specialized in designing, planning and organizing all kinds of events; providing ideas and creativity to make them an unforgettable event, surprising, innovating and creating the "Wow Effect".
I have 7 years of experience in the events area, and studies carried out in:


Event Organization & Wedding Planner, winner of the Outstanding Project of the Events Diploma at PCS International


Organization of Events with WOW Effect, winner of the distinctive "I am WOW Extreme"


Diploma in Floristry


Certification in Romance Tourism and Destination Weddings

Diploma "Design and Creation of Wedding Experiences"





Fenny Torres
Founder and Creative Director
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